Jonathan Winters – Folk Singers: Terry Thai (1962)

Posted April 12, 2013 by Dave In Guelph
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RIP Jonathan.

Look What We Have Found...

Jonathan Winters was one of my favourite improv & stand up comics growing up in the 60’s & 70’s.  This LP was released the year I was born in 1962. “Humor seen through the eyes of Jonathan Winters” released on the Verve label. Winter’s has influenced countless contemporary comedians like Robin Williams  who seems to have based much of his routine as tribute to his mentor. The You Tube video I’ve posted below the download is the most amazing bit of improv I’ve ever seen. Enjoy the show!

Jonathan Winters

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Jonathan Winters – Folksingers / Terry Thai.mp3

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R.E.M. In The End As In The Beginning

Posted October 1, 2011 by Dave In Guelph
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It’s the End of R.E.M. As We Know It and I Feel Fine by Rick McGinnis

It was a musical movement that was easy to ignore, mostly because its fans – people my age, most of whom were part of the post-Boomer “Baby Bust” that gave us the dismal common experience of being children in the ‘70s – were a small demographic, of no practical value to marketers. Our bands were a diverse bunch, with a stew of influences that we excavated in used record stores. “There was no stylistic bandwagon for the media to latch on to,” recalls Michael Azerrad in Our Band Could Be Your Life, his history of American ‘80s indie rock, “so the record-buying public had to find things there on a band-to-band basis, rather than buying into a bunch of talk about a ‘new sound.’”

Roy Clark: Spooky Movies 7″ 1963

Posted June 9, 2011 by Dave In Guelph
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Here’s a fun one for a summer drive-in fright fest from the great Roy Clark. It’s the flipside of the more maudlin “The Tips of My Fingers”.  I’m dedicating this one to Kathy Shaidle of  Five Feet of Enjoy!

Roy Clark – Spooky Movies

Chris Farlowe: Farlowe In The Midnight Hour 7″ EP 1965

Posted May 9, 2011 by Dave In Guelph
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Looks like Chris Farlowe’s was the first EP released on the Immediate label by any artist.

The label was  started in 1965 by The Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham and Tony Calder concentrating on the London-based blues and R&B scene.  On this EP the arrangements were by Art Greensdale and the rhythm section was led by Keith Jaggers.

I was pleased with myself for finally finding a copy of this, even though it wasn’t in the greatest condition. Chris Farlowe in my opinion is one of  Rock and R&B’s  finest singers and is sadly overlooked in the big scheme of things. I’m sure I wont be the first or last person to say that.

Chris Farlowe – In The Midnight Hour

Chris Farlowe – Mr. Pitiful

Chris Farlowe – i can’t get no SATISFACTION

Chris Farlowe – Who Can I Turn To

Pin-Up Wars: Round 2 Day 4 ft. Angie Dickinson

Posted March 21, 2011 by Dave In Guelph
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Angie Dickinson - Bad Motor Scooter

Even more lovelies at B.C.F.!!!


Pin-Up Wars: Round 2 Day 3 ft. Sophia Loren

Posted March 20, 2011 by Dave In Guelph
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Sophia Busting Out All Over!

Pin-Up Wars: Day Two, Round Two ft. Elke Sommer

Posted March 19, 2011 by Dave In Guelph
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Pin-Up Wars: Day 2, Round 2 featuring: Blazing Cat Fur, Jay Currie,  Five Feet of Fury, Sassy Wire & Moi

Don't Mess With Elke!

A sunny day, a swimming pool, Elke Sommer in a bikini and a fully loaded clip.

What more could you ask for?